14 ago. 2009

Translate it with askboth - IE 8 Accelerator released!

From now on, you can add the Translate accelerator to your Internet Explorer 8.
First of all you have to go to http://askboth.com/translate with your IE 8, then you will find a button at the bottom called "Add translator accelerator!", after click on it you will be prompted to add it as your default accelerator of translations...

Here is the amazing part... Go to any website with a foreign language, select some text from it, right click on the selection and you will find an option at the menu called "Translate it with askboth" and then see what happens... :)

The coolest part is that the source language is autodetected and the final language is the same of your browser!

Remember that the translator could be used standalone or with the acelerator.


Note for Firefox lovers: Your add-on is commin'! Stay on touch.

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